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Make Church Fund-raising Easy

by Mike Wilson

Setting up a fund raising event can be a daunting task. There is a lot that goes into making it successful. The best way to get involved is to make a list of ideas and choose the one that fits your church the best.

Setting up a church fund raising event is an important job that needs the best approach for a successful event. The best way to ensure your event will become successful is to advertise the church fund raising campaign and also make it easy for people to give. If people can easily give money, the more likely they will.

After you've successfully setup your fund raiser, you can ask for donations through written letters, on your website, by email, or in flyers and newsletters. Make sure to include good instructions on how donations can be made. Contributions could be a weekly offering, monthly withdrawal or a one-time donation, depending on the donor's choice.

To really speed up the process you could offer your givers the ability to give to the fund raiser using their debit or credit card. This would allow them to easily make a contributions without the hassle of dealing with cash. A lot of people don't carry cash or check anymore because it is inconvenient. Instead they carry credit and debit cards.

To accept credit card donations all you need to do is have an "Internet Payment Gateway" account. These can be setup very easily and with little to no cost involved. One of the "Internet Processors" that specialize in these types of situations is the DowCommerce gateway. It has a built in recurring billing feature. There is not a setup charge for the Internet Gateway, and the Recurring Billing Option is included at no extra charge to churches and religious organizations. If you have a website you can even allow your members to contribute online or you can sign them up as well. When they contribute online they can decide how much to contribute and how often. It will automatically come out of their debit or credit card account.

How to Increase the Support of your Church Fund Raising Event?

There are a lot of ways to make the public aware of your fund raising event. However, if you want to follow an easy and trusted method, you could collect contributions through the mail or online. While some people are not active members of the church, they can still give for your cause.

If you need extra funds, you can also plan church fund-raising within your community. For instance, you can sell items, hold auctions of food items or coordinate a penny drive. While these ideas can help you raise the funds you need, it could also strengthen the bond among your church members while preparing the event.

Church fund-raising can be a great responsibility. However, with the right idea, plenty of help and a good cause, you'll enjoy every minute of your fund-raising event.

This article was written by Mike Wilson, Marketing Specialist for Capital Merchant Solutions, Inc (www.holyprocessing.com). CMS has been in the merchant account business for nearly 10 years, and offers free merchant accounts to both online and retail businesses. This article may be republished as long as absolutely no changes are made, and the resource box is included. Copyright 2007 - Capital merchant Solutions, Inc. - All rights reserved.

Published May 22nd, 2007

Filed in Business, Ecommerce, Finance, Religion