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Your Guide to Goth Fashion

by Sydney Jaclyn

While black has been the main staple of Goth fashion for years, it takes much more than simply putting on a black outfit to achieve the Goth look. While fashion isn't what the Goth subculture is all about, the way you dress tells everyone else how you see yourself.

The purpose of Goth dress style is to express your own individuality. Now, while black is a good default, many Goths add other colors to their outfits such as grey or white.

Goth styles can be downright colorful these days. We're starting to see rich tones such as dark red or royal blue, and even hot pink showing up in such outfits. But still, one thing remains consistent: Black is the primary color.

When you want to achieve a Goth style, accessorizing is very important. The style is characterized by lots of jewelry and often lots of piercings. Jewelry is usually dramatic or chunky, and in silver or pewter.

Religious symbols are popular as pendants, as they can be an important part of who someone is. You'll often see a lot of gloves and sleeves (arm warmers). Patterned tights are common. Working color into Goth fashion can be done with fishnet or striped tights.

It's not hard at all to find clothes that you can incorporate into your Goth style. The local thrift store is a great place to start. You'll be able to find a lot of stuff for a very low price, so you won't have to feel nervous about altering it to suit you. You can dye it, add studs, or whatever else to make it truly yours.

But of course, since many people are keenly interested in the Goth look, a lot of companies have caught on and are supplying stores with lots of Goth-style clothing. You can make your outfit unique with your own jewelry and accessories.

This is only one way of thousands to dress in the Goth fashion. Because it's all about individuality, you will find that no two Goths dress alike.

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Published December 3rd, 2007

Filed in Religion