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More Church Fundraising Ideas

by Todd Nelson

In today's highly competitive world of nonprofit fundraising, church fundraising ideas must involve finding and developing donations from a diverse mixture of both individual and institutional sources in order to remain practical. There are many traditional and new church fundraising ideas to be evaluated.

All churches are encouraged to inquire as many of these sources as is appropriate and practical in order to develop the largely diversified support base that is so vital to a churche's health. Fortunately, the vast amount of institutions and individuals that support church fundraising ideas around the world attests to universality of the philanthropic instinct.

Individuals lend support in myriad ways such as making contributions and pledging donations in response to post cards and letters, web pages on the internet, telemarketing phone calls, door-to-door fundraising efforts, and eye-to-eye solicitations. There are some great church fundraising ideas in that list of activities.

People also give at their offices through workplace solicitation and paycheck deductions and consult their financial advisers to choose planned giving vehicles. Individuals also contribute in their communities by going to special events and buying goods and services from nonprofits, ranging from gifts, cards, and theater tickets to school tuition and hospital care. More church fundraising ideas there.

Institutions providing both in-kind and financial support to nonprofit organizations include foundations; corporations and businesses; governments at all levels: local, state, and federal; religious institutions; and labor unions. Additionally, thousands of local and national civic associations, usually nonprofit themselves, extend some kind of aid to charitable and philanthropic undertakings as do federated fundraising organizations.

Using these church fundraising ideas is the ongoing effort of those who raise money for churches. Their work, usually referred to as development by fundraising professionals, includes a wide range of activities, only one of which is the actual solicitation of individuals and institutions for financial support. Development work ranges from organizing a street fair to generate several thousand dollars, to meeting with business and social leaders to develop an invitation list for a special event with a $350,000 goal, to taking on a yearlong planning process for a $10 million capital campaign.

Development activities for church fundraising ideas include designing and writing proposals, newsletters, solicitation letters, and direct mail pieces. Development duties also include meeting with staff members of other nonprofit organizations to seek advice, creating joint programs, or reviewing fundraising schedules to avoid conflicts as well as meeting with committee and board members and officers to develop relationships, discuss work in progress, identify and discuss problems, or review candidates for volunteer leadership jobs.

All these tasks are undertaken to raise money in the constantly changing, complex, vast, and highly competitive world of nonprofit finance. Large though this range is, two fundamental principles lay at the middle of church fundraising ideas: diversity and planning.

This article was written by Todd Nelson, Marketing Director for Capital Merchant Solutions, Inc (HolyProcessing.com). CMS has been in the merchant account business for nearly 10 years, and offers free merchant accounts to both online and retail businesses. CMS also offers a unique program called "Automatic Tithing", which allows Churches to allow their members to automatically donate using their credit card or debit card. This article may be republished as long as absolutely no changes are made, and the resource box is included. Copyright 2007 - Capital merchant Solutions, Inc. - All rights reserved.

Published June 18th, 2007

Filed in Business, Finance, Religion