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The 12 Step Regime: Overcoming Persistent Addictions

by Menachem Green

Are you anxious that your anti-eating disorder therapy plan seems to be going nowhere? Are you desperately concerned about a loved one who tried to overcome addiction to extreme games but fell back?

Throughout the years I have seen many therapy trends come and go, given my work as social worker. But one that has helped millions and survived the test of time is the 12-step program. Perhaps one of the main reasons for the 12-step program's success is its basing itself on actually overcoming immoderate dependences, each group can agree to focus on what the members need. Who doesn't know the most famous or recognizable 12-step program, which is Alcoholics Anonymous? This program has had such a large following and so many successful testimonies that other programs for abnormal compulsions have adapted the basic 12 steps to form groups. A new member will notice that the common denominator for any 12-step program is admission to being in the clutch of the addicting power, and turning that addiction over to a higher power. Another way of putting it is that the 12-step program puts a premium on reaching out to one's spirituality. This does not mean that there are any specific set of beliefs that are practiced during the course of treatment, but there is a focus on looking towards a higher sort of living power. Another reason that there is such success in the 12-step program is that there is little--if not negligible--cost to members. There is no payment to attend the support groups, although members will have to contribute now and then a small amount to keep the office running. This is especially helpful for people who do not have health care coverage or who have long since gotten therapy cost problems from their mind. Perhaps best of all the reasons is that the 12-step program relies on its members to sustain each other during and in-between meetings. People have found this mutual approach much more effective than sitting in an office talking one on one. The 12-step program also encourages people to rely on a close adviser-friend, a person that you can reach out to and depend on when ever they are in need. The 12-step program can be encountered in major cities worldwide, so no matter where a person is when they need support, the support is a phone call away.

Published May 23rd, 2007

Filed in Religion