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5 Ways to Use White Noise

by C. Sumner

White noise is the art of using consistent background noise to cover up distracting sounds in an environment. White noise can be greatly beneficial when you need to focus and tune out all the noise and activity around you. It can create a more relaxed environment with greater productivity and less distraction.

Here are a five practical ways that white noise can help you.

1. For work. The average worker is distracted for more than 2 hours each day. Portable white noise covers up those distracting conversations and lets you focus on your work. A sound masking system throughout the office will benefit everyone in the office.

2. For sleep. Do you ever have trouble falling (or staying) asleep because of annoying sounds? White noise can mask loud neighbors and constant street noise. It can also hide unfamiliar sounds that come with traveling.

3. For kids. Sound machines can work wonders with kid's sensitive sleep schedules. Whether you are teaching your kids to share a room, or need them to sleep even when there is still noise in the house, white noise can help them sleep through the interruptions. And when they sleep better, you sleep better.

4. For relaxation. When you come home from work and are ready to relax, the last thing you want to hear is the neighbor's dog barking or cars honking on the street. You can relax to the sounds of nature found on many household sound machines. Enjoy the sound of the sea as you sit down to read a good book.

5. For tinnitus. Ringing in your ears, also known as tinnitus can be very distracting and uncomfortable. Some sound therapies have been proven to lessen the discomfort of this condition, allowing you to relax.

Portable white noise machines can help you increase your productivity at work and experience more restful sleep at night. Sound masking can also be utilized throughout a open office space to provide better productivity and confidentiality for everyone. Try this amazing technology for yourself, and begin enjoying the benefits of improved concentration and better sleep!

Published August 7th, 2010

Filed in Business