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Boosting Productivity with White Noise

by C. Sumner

What is white noise?

The term 'white noise' is derived from the same concept as white light. White light includes all the colors of the spectrum. In the same way, white noise includes sound from the entire audible spectrum. For best sound coverage, today's technology only uses sound from the range of human speech.

The first question most people as is how adding more noise will help them concentrate better. Imagine a dark room, where someone is randomly blinking a flashlight. The light is obvious and very distracting. Now picture that the overhead lights in the room have been turned on. Although the flashlight is still blinking, it is hardly noticeable because it has been masked by background lights.

White noise can function the same way as the overhead lights. If you add, non-specific white noise in the back ground, you hardly notice the street sounds, nearby conversations and other distractions.

Does white noise really work?

Yes. The principles behind it may seem implausible, the application has helped many people improve concentration and productivity. Government agencies were the first to apply this technology because of its effectiveness. Other industries have also greatly benefited from the privacy and productivity white noise can provide. White noise creates an environment with less distractions and greater privacy.

Why use white noise?

White noise helps cover invasive sounds. It can be used in numerous situations where you need to get away from the noises.

Less distraction at work - White noise will mask conversations and other noise in the work place, leaving you free to focus on your work. A sound masking system in the business space will benefit everyone in the office.

Improved privacy and confidentiality - Many office situations need confidentiality: (Human Resources, Government Services, Medical Facilities, Counseling, etc. Sound masking improves privacy in an entire office complex. It uses white noise on a larger scale to make human speech unintelligible to those outside the immediate conversation.

Less interrupted sleep - White noise can help you sleep through street noise, or unfamiliar sounds while traveling, resulting in a better night's sleep.

Sound therapy for tinnitus - The discomfort cause by the ringing in your ears can be lessened by the use of sound therapy.

White noise can help you increase your productivity at work and experience more restful sleep at night. With the increasing availability of free white noise generators and portable sound machines, everyone should give this technology a try. The benefits are definitely worth it!

Published August 6th, 2010

Filed in Business